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The paper I chose is poignant because we are currently discussing this very matter with one of my college-age sons. The study aimed to show a correlation between video game usage and SAT scores or GPA. Conducted with 275 college students from various New York universities, the survey uses a mix of methods in its research. On the one hand, the study uses precise mathematical formulas to calculate the correlation to either the SAT and GPA. On the other hand, it uses a survey, filled out voluntarily by the students that have questions that can be answered differently by each student. The researchers go on to say while initially, they sought to compare “normal video game usage” their observations compelled them to look at video game addiction as well (Anand, V., 2007, p.3). As such, the study shifted based on the data that was collected.

The survey asked the students who were picked at random to discuss how they managed their time. The designers chose college students because they manage time on their own without parental involvement, and they generally have more free time than high schoolers. Participants provided their SAT scores and overall GPA. They also listed the number of hours spent on various activities including work, TV, social events, internet usage, school work, and video games.

In this study, the independent variables are the students and the questions because that is what the researchers chose, and the dependent variable is the correlation between video game usage and SAT and GPA. While the researchers determined the questions and the random group of students, the actual measured results base themselves on the formula that ties to the data from the independent variables.

The data shows a correlation to video game usage and academic performance. The more time spent on playing, the more negative effect it had on the participant’s grades or scores. The researchers did note that more research needs conducting because of the small size of the study as well as the other variables not addressed, such as personality types and characteristics.

After analyzing this study, I think that this type of research appeals to me. I like that the designers of the study did use some quantitative methods but that they allowed the study to be pliable once illuminating evidence surfaced. I think this type of study may serve well for many topics but not for all. Some research still needs to be black and white, but I would imagine that when qualitative research happens, it will behoove the researchers to include quantitative methods if applicable this making the study more easily digestible by a broader range of scientists.

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