300 words and the diagram

1.writing 300 words summary about these 3 articles, so probably 100 words each article.


After you have completed the readings and your summary, your assignment for Thursday, August 1st, is as follows:

Using as large piece of paper (flip chart size or large enough so everyone in the class can see it from the front of the room) create a diagram that explains the fissured workplace and the impact it has on workers. In addition to the readings you can also take a look at the Fissured Workplace website. http://www.fissuredworkplace.net/ (Links to an external site.) It may help you with some “inspiration” for your diagrams.

A few Ground Rules:

1. You cannot use sentences or bullet points for your diagram.

2. You can use words to describe things or stuff on the diagram.

3. Try to make your diagram eye appealing

You can make the diagram on words/excel/powerpoint or something, i will make it on paper by myself. thx

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