500 word humanities discussion

LA Instructions. Select one of the following PPs from Khan Academy for your IT:

DaVinci, The Last Supper Khan Academy


Michelangelo, Last Judgment (altar wall, Sistine chapel) Khan Academy


Raphael, School of Athens Khan Academy


See Rules for All Written Work under Assignment Instructions folder. Write an analysis of this artwork in which you put it into historical context. You need to address the following questions in 3 clear paragraphs as indicated:

1.Catalog & Description:Artist, title of work, date created, genre, media. Describe thoroughly the artwork you selected if you couldn’t see, hear, or read it for yourself. What is this about (theme)? 20 pts

2.Analysis:Analyze at least 4 KEY Features from this list of elements: materials, colors, line, space, figures, arrangement/groupings, focus, patterns, repetition, chiaroscuro, gestures, subject matter, texture, symmetry, perspective, movement, rhythm, etc. 15 pts each = 60 pts total

3.Reflection (one paragraph, please, on the 2 sections below).

Contextualization:How does this artwork continue or depart from the Gothic and/or Medieval period that came before it?Take a look at the Cultural Period Characteristic handouts, then trace these in the work by giving clear and specific examples that you see. (20 pts)

Connections: Then demonstrate what makes this a Renaissance work by connecting key features to Renaissance characteristics and values. (20 pts)

Total points for this paragraph: 40 pts

4. Writing & Logistics, 20 pts.

5. 2 RCs are 10 pts each/20 pts total, at least 100 wordseach with wc posted at the end.

Total points: 160
IT Word Count: between 500 – 700 FIRM word limit; make sure to post wc.

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