500 word persuasive essay deandre

Persuasive Guidelines and Topics

Remember your essay should be a five paragraph essay of at least 500 words. Make sure your thesis is not a question, but a statement of the position you are taking. Be sure to clearly explain your point of view and list logical reasons and evidence to support your argument. Give clear examples that illustrate your points. If your support or evidence is from a source or sources, be sure to cite the work using MLA style and formatting. (Check Purdue Owl for guidance/assistance).

1. Should the growing of marijuana for medical use be legal in all states?

2. Should guns be allowed on college campuses or should colleges be a weapon free zone?

3. Some of the freedoms that we enjoy in the United States are freedom to practice the religion of our choice, the freedom of expression or speech, the freedom to vote for 18 years old or older….Select a freedom or right and make an argument for why it is important.

4. Does watching too much violence on television harmfully influence children?

5. Is the death penalty ever an appropriate sentence?

6. Are Millennials unhealthily addicted to social media?

7. A security camera is an invasion of privacy

8. School vaccinations are obligatory

9. Sentencing teens as adults is necessary

10. The dangers of various extreme sports and reasons to quit them

11. Ban the fracking

12. It is time to make college education free for all students

13. The importance of revising and changing the welfare system

14. Corporal punishment does not help young adolescents

15. Writer’sChoice

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