7 1 final project milestone four peer review of rough draft

Review the essay of one of your peers (attached).

Respond to your peer’s initial post and offer constructive feedback to address the following:

  • What areas of the proposal work well?
  • What areas of the proposal could benefit from additional clarification?
  • What remaining questions do you have related to your colleague’s chosen topic and proposal?
  • Does the proposal contain all the required elements as outlined in the Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric document?

In your post, also discuss how your peer’s work influences or informs your own proposal or your understanding of your topic. Keep in mind that the intent of your peer review is not to provide your classmate with a number or letter grade. Instead, you are providing written feedback as to the question prompts noted above.

This assignment, as well as your response to your colleague’s review of your own work, will be graded using the Milestone Four Guidelines and Rubric document. If you need additional information as to what to look for in your review of your colleague’s essay, refer to the Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric document.

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