750 word report on environmental effects of water bottle life cycle from production distribution and consumption to disposal

  1. Explain the normal functioning of the following:
    1. Water cycle
    2. Carbon cycle
    3. Nitrogen cycle
    4. Phosphorus cycle
  2. Explain what biodiversity is, why it is important, and how human behavior impacts it.
  3. Discuss how the water bottle life cycle impacts the water, carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles and biodiversity.
  4. For each environmental impact you discussed in Step 3, identify at least one possible intervention. Explain in your report how these interventions would help reduce the negative effects on the different areas of the environment.
  5. Analyze these interventions critically by addressing the following questions:
    1. What benefit would each have?
    2. What drawbacks might result from adopting a given intervention?
    3. What kinds of complications could make the adoption difficult?

Feel free to use charts or diagrams

useful sources










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