8 american gov questions please help ii

1) Choose the correct theory for each. The theories are evolutionary theory, social contract theory, force theory and divine right theory.

People voluntarily give up some or all of their natural rights to live under a government, with which they have a mutual relationship.
The weak submit to the strong.

The family unit was the first primitive form of government.

State authority is based on the power of God.

2) Choose the correct theory for each. the theories are The theories are evolutionary theory, social contract theory, force theory and divine right theory.

The strongest rule over the weak.

Rulers are chosen by God.

The state arose due to the voluntary acts of free people.

Clans grew into tribes and then states.

3) Match each form of society and government with the theory that influenced its organization. (You will use each answer more than once.) possible answers are Hobbes social contract theory, Rosseaus social contract theory, Lockes social contract theory and bossuet’s divine right of kings.

The state of nature is one where people live in peace and honor each other’s natural rights.

The state determines what is good for the people; people do what is good for the state.

States are accountable, too, and serve at the will of the people.

Man will forfeit his interests for the good of the general population.

Life is brutish, nasty, and short-lived.

The king’s authority is absolute.

4) Select the best answer.

A(n) _____ is a strong belief that guides a movement or cause.

5) Select the best answer.

Freedoms and liberties established by human law are _____ rights.





6) Select the best answer.

The _____ was a time in which philosophers cited reason as a source of authority informing political thought.





7) Choose the best answer.

French Bishop Jacques-Benigne Bossuet advocated and wrote about the ___ Theory


Social Contract

Divine Right


8) Choose the best answer.

People lived in a state of nature in the earliest times of civilization according to the ___ Theory.


Social Contract


Divine Right

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