a little discussion

Ch. 10 focused on employee benefits and services. One area of the chapter specifically focused on domestic partner benefits. This is a unique topic for HR since not all states legally require employers to recognize domestic partnerships and offer those benefits.

That said, begin by researching to determine domestic partnership benefit laws for your state. Please clearly describe the laws currently in place pertaining to domestic partner benefits. ( Alabama)

Once you’ve determined the laws for your state, answer the following questions based on the scenario of you being the HR manager for a company beginning to implement domestic partner benefits:

  • The company must provide a definition for domestic partnerships in the employee handbook. How would you define domestic partnership?
  • What will qualify employees to receive domestic partner benefits?
  • What benefits would the company be willing to provide for domestic partners?

Grading notes:

  • Your original post should be at least 5 sentences at the very least. Considering the content of this discussion, I’m expecting at least 2-3 full paragraphs.
  • Your original discussion must be posted by THURSDAY, JULY 4th by 11:59pm.
  • You will not be able to reply to other students until you post an original thread.
  • You must reply to at least 2 students and provide insightful feedback to their posts. Simple posts of good job, I agree/disagree…, etc. will not be enough to satisfy a reply. Each response is also expected to be at least 5 full sentences of substantive information.
  • Your original post will be worth 10 points and each reply worth 5 points.
  • Please utilize outside resources and include them in a reference list as well as incorporating in-text citations to cite the information you are utilizing in your posts.
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