a summary about research mapping cited and referenced from a peer reviewed article if needed 3 pages app

summary outcomes

1•Developing research ideas, questions & hypotheses

–Causes of anxiety disorders

–Substance abuse behaviors

–Severe developmental delays as they relate to the healthy child

–Autistic children in public schools w/IEP and expected academic results (equality)

2-talk about funnel approach

•Research is designed to solve a problem

•Get closer to a solution

•The top represents the farthest away from the problem / The bottom is closer to the problem

••The principal problem is usually divided into smaller sub-problems.

•Research is guided by a specific problem, question, or hypothesis.

3–The importance of the “educated guess”.

–Unsupported hypotheses are replaced by new hypotheses.

–Multiple supported hypotheses yield theories.

–Hypotheses and theories are tentative.

•Organized & systematic way of finding answers to questions

4-Developing a Hypothesis

Asking answerable questions

5 •Methods dictate how the research question is addressed.

•Methods define the nature of the data acquired.

•Methods define the scope of data analysis and interpretation.

6•Research Design and references

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