address seizures and fractures in the pediatric population from a family nurse practitioner point of view

Initial discussion response should be 300 words. This is not the only criteria utilized for evaluation; substantive content is imperative. All questions in the topic must be addressed. Please proofread your response carefully for grammar and spelling. Do not upload any attachments. All responses need to be supported by a minimum of one scholarly resource. Journals and websites must be cited appropriately. In -text Citation and reference must adhere to APA format (6th Ed.).

Select ONE of the questions listed below and create a substantive initial post. Please post the question number you chose in the title of your post. (i.e. Question 2 parent history),Keep in mind the developmental stages.

1.As a primary care provider, you are managing the care of a toddler who has been diagnosed with febrile seizures. What are your treatment recommendations for the parents? What frequency will you see the child? The parents want to know when he will outgrow this condition. How would you as the primary care provider respond to the parents?

2.You have just finished seeing an 8-month-old girl in urgent care due to a 4-day refusal to bear weight on her left leg. Father reports infant was in the care of mom and her significant other until this morning. Father brought the baby to urgent care when he saw her not wanting to put her foot down. Father denies any reported history of injury or falls. The x-ray result indicates an oblique diaphyseal fracture of the lower tibia. There are corner fractures of both wrists and two posterior rib fractures all in various stages of healing. What is your approach to this situation? What concern, if any, do you have at this time and what is your plan of care? Describe your role as a mandatory reporter and how you reached the determination of whether or not a referral to CPS is indicated.

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