american literature discussion 1



For this discussion post you have two options:

1. Choose any of the texts assigned from “Poetry of Liberation” or “Search for Identity” and describe what you liked (or didn’t like–that’s absolutely fine!) about the text in two to three well-developed paragraphs. Be focused and specific when explaining the reasons (your argument) for your opinion. In other words, use examples from the chosen text as evidence to support and illustrate your reasoning.

2. ENGL 2130 is a survey course of American Literature spanning over four centuries. A literature survey course, by definition, offers only slices of representative texts of various movements and genres. When choosing reading selections to assign, especially when cramming it into a 7-week semester, many deserving authors and texts wound up on the ‘cutting room’ floor. It is simply impossible, given the course constraints, to cover everything. Is there a specific author/text/genre you would have liked to see included? Excluded?

Make a ‘case,’ an argument, for an author/text/genre you feel should have been included (or excluded?) in our readings. As an example, we didn’t read or discuss any works from the genres of science fiction, or graphic novels. Both genres clearly reflect an ‘American Voice,’ represent American values.

Note: For either prompt, what I’m looking for is your honest, thoughtful, and well-presented/well-organized opinion. Avoid the temptation to say what you may think I want to hear. There are no right or wrong ‘answers.’

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