analysis a case 3

Read Carlsberg, Case 4.

our group paper should have 1″ margins, be double spaced, and use APA formats for

  • topic and subtopic headings
  • citations
  • references

Your group case must minimally address the following issues / questions:

  • Conduct an industry environment analysis. Is Carlsberg A/S in an attractive industry?
  • Identify the reasons for Carlsberg A/S’ mergers and acquisitions (M&As)? What type of the M&A strategy does Carlsberg A/S use?
  • Describe Carlsberg A/S’ international corporate-level strategy.
  • Integrating the results of the analysis, do you think Carlsberg A/S’ decision to go into the emerging markets is a good decision? Summarize your findings and propose recommendations that could improve Carlsberg A/S’ market performance in the industry.

You just need to answer the first question. 2 pages.

I will upload the case later.

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