analytical blog 2

watch a documentary that is good. The crime that it concerns was probably the most-covered crime in the news media in the 1980s–but, as it turns out, this was a case that had many problems.

The film is “The Central Park Five. The full video is 1:58:46.

Watch the film, then address the questions below in a response

The analysis will be graded on its understanding of labeling theory, the quality of its application of labeling theory to the film, and the quality of the writing.

In your blog post, address the following points:

1) Describe labeling theory, highlighting what labeling theory believes *causes* crime. (About 300 words)

2) How does “The Central Park Five” demonstrate the application of labeling theory? What labels did the Five receive? (About 100 words)

3) Did the Five deserve the labels they received? Why or why not? What effects did those labels have? (About 100 words)

4) Do you think we should try to limit the negative aspects of labeling theory? If so, how? If not, why not? Be sure to discuss the negative aspects of labeling theory for both those who do and who do not deserve the labels in your discussion. (About 150 words)

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