analytics case assignment data analysis and recommendationthis assignment picks up where our last one left off having accurately framed the core problem s in assignment 1 we now turn our attention to analyzing the data and developing a set of recommen 1

The description and requirements are in the file Assignment 2 description.pdf


For this assignment you will write a paper of 5 to 7 pages, based on the case, StepSmart Fitness. In your paper, you are to develop your analysis and recommendation for action. Your paper must cover the following topics: the challenges and opportunity; the data that is known and unknown; the culture of the organization; and how data can be leveraged to support a plan of action. Include relevant supporting data, such as models, calculations, and analysis results. Your data should be clearly displayed, using one or more of the analysis tools we studied.

Use the topics below to organize your paper:

  1. Executive Summary
    An executive summary is a brief synopsis of a paper or report. It is a helpful tool that allows readers to get a snapshot of what will be discussed in the paper. Your Executive Summary should not include detailed information, but simply present an overview of your position.
  2. Data and Culture
    1. What are the proposed data management tools being considered at Step Smart Fitness?
      1. How will they improve the way the sales team is managed?
      2. What drawbacks or dangers are present?
    2. How might actionable quantitative and qualitative data create a positive and transparent environment? What are some unintended consequences the data might cause?
  3. Data Analysis
    The required data for analysis of this case can all be found in the spreadsheet posted in the Assignment Module in Blackboard. You will need to download the spreadsheet and review the data presented in each of the tabs. You are encouraged to manipulate the data to develop new insights about correlation and causation for future recommendations and to practice using predictive analysistechniques. Use the data to answer the following questions:
    1. Which salesperson has the highest correlation between performance and compensation?Explain.
    2. What does the data tell us where Mr. Cooper should focus corrective efforts in order to turnaround the underperforming regional sales metrics in his assigned sales District? Explain.
    3. What other data-driven insights could be helpful in the StepSmart Fitness Case Study?
      1. What data would you need?
      2. How could it be collected?
      3. How would it be analyzed (refer specifically to the analysis tools we studied)

    4. Recommendation

    1. What are Mr. Copper’s key issues going forward?
      1. What role does Step Smart Fitness’s corporate culture play in each of the three sales district markets issues?
      2. What previous findings or experiences related to this problem are conveyed in the case, or exist in the business industry?
    2. What advice would you offer Mr. Cooper? For example, how might Step Smart Fitness manufacturing company leverage Jack’s teachings on Differentiation into their business based on the data they are collecting?
    3. How will the success of the recommendations be assessed? Be specific about:
      1. What cost assumptions need to be included?
      2. How should ROI be measured?
    4. Summarize the main steps of an action plan for moving ahead.

    Formatting Requirements

    • ï‚· Include a Cover page containing the title of the assignment, your name, professor’s name, and the course title and date
    • ï‚· Include a References page with your sources
    • ï‚· The Cover page and the References page are not included in the required page length
    • ï‚· Double-spaced, professional font (Times New Roman or Arial), 10-12 font size
    • ï‚· Headings are used to identify main topics and subtopics
    • ï‚· Paragraphs are separated by a single space

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