answer an interactive activity and a discuusion bored with repalying to two comments


Using what you learned in Section 2.3, from FRED, find two or three indicators that you believe are related to each other. Make a graph of these indicators and customize your graph’s format so that you get to practice using the formatting options. Download your graph, look at it carefully, and write a short description of what you see from the graph.


(1) Post the graph (you can insert the graph as an image to your forum post) and your description in “Unit 2 Activity” discussion forum.

(2) Respond to at least two of your classmates’ post by reviewing their graphs and then describe what you see from the graphs. Compare your description with that of your classmates’. It is likely that you do not interpret the same graph the exact same way. Learn from the differences.

This is the discussion forum for Unit 2’s interactive activity: based on the interactive activity.

everything else will be send as word doc after conferming

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