answer question 137

Directions: Answer the following questions in short paragraphs. Students should read and take notes on the reading prior to answering these questions. If you use direct quotations from the texts, you must include page numbers for citation.

  • In your opinion, what is “Brand Luther”?
  • What happens on October 31,1617, and what does it show about the Reformation as a historical event/process?
  • Was Protestantism a unified movement? How so (or not)?
  • What is the relationship between Martin Luther and the increase of printing in the German lands? [Note: this is the big question from the excerpt, so answer it accordingly.]
  • Historian Bernd Moeller has stated that without humanism (and the quest for textual authority) there would have been no Reformation. Might we also say that without the printing press, there would have been no Reformation? Argue your conclusions.
  • What is Luther’s legacy?

need 4-5page, just answer the question, just can use the article that i upload. (need answer with quote from this article)

need reference page. use APA citation

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