answer the following 286

Topic #1 

Environmental Toxins related to the food system (Links to an external site.)

Pesticides in Food (Links to an external site.)

Organic VS conventional (Links to an external site.)

Lead  (this is what has been contaminating the water in Flint Michigan and is a common contaminant in the food system) (Links to an external site.)

1.  According to the first link, what chemicals are we being exposed to in our food and what are the sources?

2.  What are 3 things you can do to reduce your toxic exposure in foods.

3.  What is the “dirty dozen” and “clean 15”.  Which products on each list surprised you the most.

4.  What are the biggest changes for the 2019 Dirty Dozen list this year?

5.  What are some of the benefits of organic packaged/ processed foods vs. conventional according to the third link.

6.  What are the health risks of lead contamination and what are the most common exposures related to the food system?

Topic #3

Tapped is a video that really hits on the multiple levels of toxic exposure that is associated with our food system in terms of pollutants, manufacturing, waste, and exposure.  The toxins issues have been interwoven into all of the other subjects so you may get a question in the environmental section or even in the GMO’s with regards to an example of environmental toxins or damage to the environment specifically from this movie.

Tapped (Links to an external site.)Tapped

1.  How has the bottled water industry affected the municipal drinking water.  Please include an example from the reference on Flint Michigan in your answer.

2.  According to the video, what are the environmental and health ramifications associated with the manufacturing of the plastic bottles?

3.  What are BPA’s and how do they affect our health based on the video?

4.  What are the ramifications of the increased waste in the environment in terms of the oceans (please give 3 specific examples from the video)?

5.  Based on all of this information, what are your thoughts on the waste, especially with regards to single use containers, with in the entire food system.  Please give 3 examples to support your answer.

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