answer the question 250

Recently, I.C.E. has come under fire for being associated with the problems that have manifested (for quite some time) from their border protection mission. Actually, there has been a growing list of activists that have called for the removal of the I.C.E. agency from DHS. What is troubling about this mindset is that many citizens; to include politicians, fail to fully understand the true scope of the I.C.E. mission. Most people associate them with taking children away from their parents during illegal border crossings. However, I.C.E. also plays a significant role in these three areas:

1. Immigration Enforcement

2. Investigating Illegal Movement of People and Goods

3. Preventing Terrorism

Go to and click on the “What We Do” link. Research the topics that fall under the “Preventing Terrorism” link and, in the discussion forum, identify a function of I.C.E. to the mission of combating terrorism. Were you surprised to see this function of I.C.E.?

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