apply scientific method including observation hypothesis and experiment to support conclusions involving either physical or biological problems

Task Description

Apply scientific method, including observation, hypothesis and experiment, to support conclusions involving either physical or biological problems.

A student will accomplish this task either in each of two separate scientific disciplines or in sequence within a single scientific discipline.

The tasks may be accomplished either as laboratory exercises or as assignments containing a series of questions involving application to a particular scenario or scenarios within a specific scientific discipline. A student must complete all the objectives outlined below, in one or more assignments, for each task.

The student will demonstrate critical thinking in the context of the natural sciences. Given a problem in the natural sciences, the student will demonstrate an appropriate scientific approach by accomplishing the following:

a) identify the problem or type of problem,

b) choose an approach to solve the problem;

c) reach a logical conclusion;

d) explain how the conclusion is consistent with the data and principles;

e) describe how the method, process, or solution could be applicable to a new situation.

Instructors, please copy and paste a description of your course assignment here.

APA STYLE OF WRITTING. 4-5 pages content, a cover page and reference page.

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