artist paper

“Contemporary Influence”

Concept: Choose a contemporary ceramic artist (it can be one from a slide presentation or one you find) and research a little about the artist’s techniques, inspirations, ideas, etc. For the ceramic piece, I am not looking for an exact copy, but rather a connection that you can explain. It could be a shared style, content, technique, or some other aspect. You will share a little about your chosen artist at the final. Please visit, / and for inspiration.

artist that I choosed:

Dylan Beck

Artist Paper: Students are required to turn in a type written report. Library research is recommended and internet sources are permitted. Each paper must follow a general format of 1″ margins and size 11point font, double-spaced. The paper must be between one and two pages long, typed and double- spaced. A title page should include your name, and the name of the artist being discussed.

Papers should include the following: 1. Please give a biographical background of the artist. Please include where they live,

where they went to school, and any mentors they discuss.

2. Please choose several individual art pieces from a publication or from their website to review. Please review as many art works as necessary to write a 1 to 2 page paper.

3. What materials were used to create the art works? Did they mention what type of clay

they use? 4. How do you think the piece was created? How was the art presented?

5. is there a historical significance? Please offer your personal opinion of the work. 6. Please include 1 black and white image of their work with your paper.

Sculpture Scale: Piece should be a least 6″ in one dimension.

Technique options: Make your sculpture using the building techniques that work best for your object. Construction options we have covered include coiling, pinch construction, and soft and firm slabs.

Project goal: Students will research and examine the work of many different contemporary artists expanding their knowledge of contemporary ceramics. Students will write critically about individual art works. Students will continue to enhance and improve their hand building, sculpting, and glazing skills.

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