assessment 49

It was awesome catching up with you today! Here is the job description in the Georgetown area with the American Institute of Research (AIR) and their IT Service Desk role. They’re now at a 16,000 employee base! I would like to market you to AIR for (W2) plus benefits. Once the offer letter is granted to you, we’ll leverage an increase to (W2) plus benefits. Please complete the timed assessment in the link below. The test consists of data structure concepts and basic IT explanations including DNS and DHCP, etc. The test is timed within 30 minutes. I would suggest to complete the assessment in a quiet desktop area, where you can open browser windows for Google research if need be. Reply to this email once you’re done with the test! The assessment would have to be completed before we’re able to move forward on the interview process.

Here is the online assessment for AIR (reply to this email once it’s completed):

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