assignment 4 78

The company: Auto Zone

Three pages Max two pages MIN. Single-space

The research should be for the last five years only. And the data should be annual not quarters.

  • You have completed a thorough contextual analysis of your company, and have identified a problem that you will tackle in the paper. Based on your causal analysis, ( I have uploaded my previous work) brainstorm and identify 3-4 plausible solutions to address the problem. Be sure they are feasible and ethical solutions!
  • Using the weighted-criteria decision matrix tool, determine and give weights to the key criteria you will use to evaluate the solutions. Build your matrix and evaluate which of the solutions identified in the previous question will best solve the problem. Include the matrix here, along with a brief description of each criteria’s significance and weight (i.e. why did you choose these criteria, and why did you weight them as you did?)
  • Okay, now you’ve got a strong recommendation. Using the Cost Benefit Analysis tool discussed in class, identify the tangible and intangible costs and benefits associated with your solution. At this point I just want you to identify and list them.If possible, you should try to quantify the Tangible components in your final paper.Put this in a table format.
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