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The homework prompts will vary somewhat, but for this one, I would like you to respond to the readings for our second class.You will read, analyze, and consider the two essays on workplace preparedness, “Employers Judge Recent Graduates Ill-Prepared for Today’s Workplace” and “Preparedness Paradoxes.” To respond thoughtfully, you must read carefully, critically, and actively.

I want to know your opinion on one of the issues that the articles raise: Have you ever thought about your workplace preparedness? Do you feel prepared or not? In what ways or areas the articles discuss? Do you think your college education thus far has prepared you for the workplace? What do you think is the solution? You don’t need to answer all of these questions (and shouldn’t) but they will help you brainstorm a coherent response.


In a response 350-450 words (max), explain your own point of view, or opinion, on your and other students’ workplace preparedness. Your goal is notto summarize the articles. You do not need to summarize at all, or use any quotations from the texts. If your topic sentences begin, “So and so argues. . .” that’s an indication that you’re simply repeating the author’s argument rather than making your own. Instead, provide your own opinion and examples. You might drawing on the workplace essays to elaborate on your point of view, but keep it to a minimum.

Note:Paragraphs are absolutely necessary because they help readers follow your ideas and significantly enhance readability, something we will focus on this quarter. Paragraph organization also shows that you’ve thought about your ideas. Paragraphs make it easier for readers to read and re-read, or scan, quickly, which is vital in the workplace. Also, you do notneed to repeat your argument in a conclusion. Repetition is for longer documents when you may need to remind readers of ideas they may have forgotten over the course of reading a long text.

However, I don’t want you to worry too much about style or grammar. You won’t be evaluated on those elements. You will receive the full 10 points as long as you respond thoughtfully to the issues in a good faith effort with some indication that you’ve thought about structure and organization. If you fail to do that, then you will receive 7 or fewer points.

Here is two books link: and second one

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