business homework 25

Review the sections on The Marketing Mix (product, price, promotion and distribution) and the Marketing Environment (competitive, economic, socio-cultural, political, technological, or legal and regulatory forces). The Mix are tools that a company can control, and the Environment are external factors that impact the company.

Identify two different factors in the marketing environment that impacted decisions Mattel made regarding the marketing mix for Barbie. Your two examples should be for two different factors (e.g. you can’t use two examples from socio cultural or two from competitive; but could do one from each). You can however have the two different factors impact the same element of the marketing mix (so you might pick economic and competitive as your examples and both might impact price).

List and explain each factor, and then note what, if any, was Mattel’s response to each factor.

For example:

SocioCultural – In 1992 Mattel manufactured a Teen Talk Barbie and one of the phrases the doll said was “Math is Tough!” In response to socio-cultural pressure (notable university women’s groups and others) Mattel offered to swap the Teen Talk doll for another Barbie and removed the phrase from the remaining dolls (thus changing the Product).

And Pick any product from any company (just not one used as an example in the text for product life cycle) – and tell us where the product is in the product life cycle. When you select Introduction, Growth, Maturity or Decline be sure to support your answer by elaborating on the characteristics described in the text. Be sure to cite the source of any data you use to support your argument。

So as an an example: Student A might post:

Ronzoni Gluten Free Pasta is in the Introduction stage. Consumer awareness of the gluten free pasta line is still low and there are few gluten free pasta competitors. One in seven new pastas introduced in 2016 were gluten free according to the Mintel Global New Products Database. Gluten free food sales are expected to reach $7.6 billion in the U.S. by 2020 (Arcadia 2018). I think the Ronzoni gluten free pasta will be successful because unlike most other gluten free pastas Ronzoni’s gluten free is made from a blend of four grains: white rice, brown rice, corn and quinoa. The Ronzoni gluten free is also competitively priced, selling on Amazon for $0.30 an ounce versus $0.47 an ounce of Ronzoni’s regular pasta. I think the lower price per ounce could be considered part of the heavy promotion Ronzoni is doing in the early stages, in order to capture attention and market share. The company web site also provides recipes and coupons. The pasta has wide distribution, which is not typical of new products, because it is part of the Ronzoni family of brands which are sold everywhere. However, the gluten free variety is available in fewer pasta shapes than the classic line.

Please answer those all questions.

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