business level strategy amp push and pull system

Discussion Question:

Business-Level Strategy

Link will be attached to this to give you the five business-level strategies

  • Use the internet to research a company with which you regularly do business or are a regular customer. Focus on how that company relates to their customers. Assess your satisfaction with the company you researched and make recommendations about how that company could modify its business-level strategy to both increase your overall level of satisfaction and to attract new customers. Provide specific examples to support your response.
  • Analyze the five business-level strategies to determine which strategy the company you researched most likely applies. Determine how your experience with that company might change if it switched to one of the other four strategies (your choice). Explain your rationale.

Push and Pull Decisions

  • Examine your own organization, or the organization of your choice. How is your organization structured (push or pull)? Justify your response.


A push system produces goods in advance of customer demand using a forecast of sales and moves them through the supply chain to points of sale, where they are stored as finished- goods inventory.
A pull system produces only what is needed at upstream stages in the supply chain in response to customer demand signals from downstream stages.

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