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choose three out of the four topics and write a page for each questions.

Please select three questions from the following four questions.

1. There are three types of global competitive strategy: Global, Multi-domestic, and Transnational strategy. Discuss advantages and disadvantages associated with multi-domestic strategy. Provide your suggestions on the managerial considerations (e.g., organizational structure, control systems, coordinating mechanisms, etc.) for successful implementation of the multi-domestic strategy.

2. Why was it profitable for GM and Ford to integrate backward into component-parts manufacturing in the past, and why are both companies now buying more of their parts from outside suppliers? What value creation activities should a company outsource to independent suppliers? What are the risks involved in outsourcing these activities?

3. When is a company likely to choose (a) related diversification and (b) unrelated diversification?

4. How might a company configure its corporate governance systems and its strategy-making processes to reduce the probability that managers will pursue their own self-interest (agency behavior) at the expense of stockholders?

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