capstone reflection 3


This assessment requires you to prepare a 5–10 minute video reflection on your capstone clinical practicum experience. Note: If you require the use of assistive technology or alternative communication methods to participate in this activity, please contact to request accommodations. If you are unable to record a video, please contact your faculty member as soon as possible to explore options for completing the assessment.

Complete the following preparatory activities:

  • If necessary, set up and test your microphone or headset per the manufacturer instructions.
  • Practice using the equipment to ensure the audio quality is sufficient.
  • Consult the Campus resource Using Kaltura [PDF] for guidance on recording and uploading your assessment in the courseroom.
  • Begin developing your reflection. Some questions you might address in your reflection video are:
    • What were your most important outcomes or findings?
    • What challenges did you overcome throughout your project?
    • How did your initial research and evidence base help you plan and execute your capstone project?
    • How were the outcomes similar to and different from your expectations?
    • How did you feel your professional product turned out?
    • What impacts of the implementation of your professional product did you observe?
    • To what degree were you successful in using technology in your capstone project?
    • How did organizational or governmental health policy impact the way in which you approached your project?
    • What contributions did you make to your organization’s policies throughout the course of your project?
    • In which areas do you feel you grew the most?
    • How will your learning affect your professional practice and ability to implement ethical care in accordance with professional codes of conduct?
    • What would you do differently if you could do the capstone project or program again?
    • What accomplishment are you most proud of, within the context of the capstone or the program as a whole?
  • Examine your capstone project through the lens of your initial plan and literature review.


Use Kaltura to record a 5–10 minute video reflection addressing the following scoring guide grading criteria. Please study the scoring guide carefully so you know what is needed for a distinguished score:

  • Reflect on how evidence and the literature were utilized to plan and implement a capstone project, as well as how project outcomes compared to initial predictions based on a review of the literature.
  • Reflect on the degree to which health care technology was successfully used to improve outcomes or communication to relevant stakeholders in the capstone project.
  • Reflect on how organizational and governmental health policy influenced the planning and implementation of a capstone project as well as any contributions to policy development that the project made.
  • Reflect on personal and professional growth throughout the capstone project and the BSN program, paying special attention to growth related to the provision of ethical care and demonstration of professional standards.
  • Communicate audibly and professionally, using proper grammar and including a reference list formatted in current APA style.

Important Note: You do not need to submit the transcript of your video, but do address each scoring guide criterion in the video, including a discussion of authors in the literature who support the ideas presented. Please submit a separate APA-formatted reference list for the resources discussed in your reflection.

Additional Requirements

  • References: Cite a minimum of three scholarly and/or authoritative sources to support your assertions.
  • APA style and format: Submit, along with the video, a separate references page that follows APA style and formatting guidelines. Refer to the APA Module as needed.

Speed, C. J., Lucarelli, G. A., & Macaulay, J. O. (2018). Student produced videos – An innovative and creative approach to assessment. Sciedu International Journal of Higher Education, 7(4). Retrieved from…

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