class discussion 109

Do you agree that when one enters into a disadvantageous bargaining position because of one’s own voluntary acts (such as ignoring a warning) that an otherwise exploiting act becomes morally permissible because the person assumed the risk, or is the act always impermissible because the person is especially disadvantaged? Why, or why not?

This is not an essay, this is just a discussion. The response can be one paragraph and must be original


Please respond to my classmate response below:

Ethically if someone puts themselves in a disadvantage, especially because they ignored the warning signs or just dont have a clue about them.Then yes you should be an ethical person and not deal with this individual. I know a lot of sales people our there would not care, they would actually capitalize on there lack of understanding and sell them things they dont even need. I know a guy a great guy, but not all there in the thinking and understanding department. He barley made enough money to pay his bills, but thought he should have the nicest house, car, furniture. He would keep going to place and trying to buy cars and other materialistic things. He would go and go until he found salemen with no ethics and sell him things. He barley makes 40k a year and some car salesman put him in a 2017 truck for $860 a month. No how can you ethically see someone like that and in clear mind sign paper work and put them in a truck like this. Lack of ethics is what this is.

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