college composition unit 10 discussion board

For this Discussion Board, review one of your Assignments submitted to the Dropbox and the feedback you received from your instructor on this submission. (Assignments were submitted in Units 2, 4, 6, 8, and 9).

Analyze the ways this document demonstrates your writing skills and developing knowledge of an issue in your field and why and how it demonstrates important skills you need for success on the job. Then, reflect on any changes you think you might make to that document to make it even more effective now that you have viewed it again.

Once you have reflected on this document in particular, reflect on your development as a writer, researcher, and reader in this course. What skills have you developed and improved through the course, where do you still need improvement, and what will you do to make sure you continue along this path of development and improvement?

Include an open-ended question about any issue your initial post raises which your classmates can help you with.

Respond: Respond to classmates’ postings

Respond to at least two classmates’ initial posts. Be sure to offer your classmates suggestions for other ways they can improve as writers, researchers, and readers.

Review a sample student Discussion Board post.

Discussion requirements

Initial post should:

  • demonstrate effectively developed paragraphs
  • be on topic
  • be original
  • contribute to the quality of the discussion
  • make frequent and informed references to the unit concepts

Participation posts

  • Demonstrate effectively developed paragraphs
  • Show evidence of active engagement in the discussion (e.g., asking questions, answering questions posed by peers, and making further connections to course readings)
  • Advance the discussion
  • Demonstrate active engagement in the discussion and familiarity with the unit concepts
  • Go beyond agreement or praise
  • Students are also encouraged to respond to instructor follow up posts and questions and to respond to the questions their classmates have posted in their responses
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