compare and contrast essay rewrite

-Please use MLA 8th edition.

-Cite any material used.

-5.6 was done and will be attached with the professor’s comments but I would like a rewrite as the tutor included material incited and was deemed plagiarism I can’t tell what’s not from united sources and what material is.

-This assignment is basically 5.7

-MLA guide will be attached.

-You will need to watch the movie and read the screenplay

— Film available on youtube

–Screenplay will be attached.

5.6 Post – Compare and Contrast – Essay


    • Compose an essay of at least 750 words that compares the written and film versions of The Importance of Being Earnest.
      • Argue the extent to which changes were made, and what impact such changes have on the reader’s/viewer’s experience. Include in your introduction a thesis statement that sums up your overall argument and previews your main points.
      • Structure each main body paragraph with a clear and distinct topic sentence (relating to the terms in your thesis) that is followed with analysis of the play and the film to substantiate your claims about the changes.
      • Conclude your essay by restating, in an engaging way, the main points of your thesis (and corresponding topic sentences) in the same order as presented in the thesis.
      • Include MLA in-text citations from the written play and the film.
      • Create a Works Cited entry for every source you have quoted and/or referenced (including the text, the film, and all other sources you used).
      • You must cite all words or ideas (even if you put them into your own words) that you learned from outside sources. You must cite a source (or sources) in every sentence in which you have relied on an outside source (except for common knowledge). Using words or ideas from outside sources without citing them in-text is plagiarism. Do not plagiarize! Essays containing plagiarism will earn 0 points.
    • Submit your essay as a “reply” to the discussion board at least
      NOTE: Please post 4 DAYS PRIOR TO THE DUE DATE so other students have a chance to respond.
    • Respond to two of your peers with a substantive (e.g. specific and of at least 100 words each) and helpful critique in which you give ideas for improving their essays in a forthcoming revision.
      • Please comment first on any posted drafts that have not yet been commented on, or have fewer comments than others.

5.7 Submit – Compare and Contrast – Revised Essay

Only edits after teacher gives comments on 5.6

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