complete case study questions

You will review the case study about the Engstrom Mirror Plant. This below is my introduction paragraph. I have already identified the root causes. You will take the 3 root causes below and elaborate on them using evidence from the case study attached below, the other source I have attached below and any other additional organizational behavior you find. Analyze the root causes from a human behavior perspective and validate the analysis with supportive research evidence.

Organizational issues are of the evitable; every organization experiences them. In order to address organizational issues, the root causes leading these issues must be identified. The root causes of the organization’s issues lie internally within poor morale of the employees and the work culture. Poor morale is caused by unhappiness with work conditions, disconnection with management, a lack of empowerment, and unappreciation (Klein & Sirota, 2013). At the Engstrom mirror plant, the underlying issues that are negatively affecting the morale of employees and the work culture are a lack of employee motivation, a lack of employee satisfaction, and ineffective leadership.

Root Causes

1.) Lack of satisfaction

2.) Lack of motivation

3.) Ineffective leadership

Complete this in APA format with in text citations. Also include the references at the end

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