complete networking business discussion

TE 515 – Career Education

Due: Thursday, July 11

Discussion 3: Positive Attitudes and Professional Networking-Due July 11, 2019 by 9:00 p.m.

How important is a positive attitude and professional networking important? Provide an explanation in one or more paragraph or two to explain.

Next, go to the interview simulator, (Links to an external site.) . Once on this site, click on enter in the upper left corner of page. Now you will be at the “main menu” section (listed in lower right corner). Listen to instruction first, then click main menu to go to next page. Listen, then select “Basic Interview Questions” (the green icon–upper left). The “Basic Interview Questions” is the only section that you will need to do for this activity.

Next, go to the basic interview questions “set 1”. There will be 5 questions and responses. Listen and read this section. Lastly (in one or two paragraphs), describe how activities like this can be helpful in developing positive attitudes toward work and overall preparing people to secure employment.

You should have 3 or more paragraphs (list references at the end) and you should response to one or more of your classmate’s entries.

* Note: We will use the Interview simulator, (Links to an external site.)

for another upcoming activity.

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