complete template based off of created power point education masters

***Please complete the template based on the attached feedback and on the point that is also attached. You can use outside references as well to improve on the content.

***Power point will need to also be modified to conform to: APA, 6th edition, Slide-Formatting Requirements

  • You should include several slides for your assignment.
  • Each slide should follow the 7-by-7 rule for designing visual presentations: no more than 7 lines on a slide, no more than 7 words per line.
  • Use bullet points of short phrases on the slides.
  • Your final slide will be your references slide. You will format this slide as References, centered at the top of your slide just as you would in a written assignment You will format your citations (please see the resource I shared, “How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography)”, just as you would in a written assignment.
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