conference abstract work 2

Search the internet for interesting, research-based conferences. Be careful to select conferences that meet criteria outlines in the video lecture.Create a plain text document and copy and paste appropriate CFP’s. Perform a text analysis of these CFP’s (include key questions, jargon, descriptions, and other knowledge related content from the CFP’s) and identify trending topics across conferences. Only use CFP’s from professional associations and scholarly associations with university affiliations and/or consulting links. Use a sample size of 10-15 CFP’s.

Create a Word doc and, writing about one double-spaced page of text (include images and text analysis findings as supporting evidence, when appropriate), discuss your findings. Some questions to consider:

  • How do topics positively or inversely correlate?
  • What discourse community values do you see represented in CFP’s?
  • Are CFP’s generally narrow and focused, or broad and open-ended?
  • Do your above observations, or any of your text analysis findings, offer insight to how conferences might differ depending on whether they’re sponsored by research institutions, government agencies, or trade groups?

At the conclusion of your analysis, identify one or two CFP’s that you think might be most appropriate for your own research project. Succinctly explain why you think this.

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