corporate wellness

Corporate Wellness

One of the potential jobs you could have someday is working as a Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist for a large corporate organization. Corporate Wellness Practitioners or Certified Worksite Wellness Specialists work at organizations to assess, analyze, and improve the health of an organization’s employees. Employee wellness programs have been shown to have many benefits for the employee and employer. Employees spend 36% (or more) of their time on the job (Texas Department of State Health Services (Links to an external site.), n.d.). Employees who participate in wellness programs can improve their physical and mental health, boost morale at work, and reduce stress, absenteeism, and healthcare costs. Therefore, the organizations’ cultural climate and productivity are improved as well (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013).

Part A:

Part B:

  • Assume you are interviewing for a Corporate Wellness Practitioner position at Johnson & Johnson in two weeks. After reviewing the required resources for this week, discuss the following in preparation for the upcoming interview:
    • Analyze Johnson & Johnson’s current mission on wellness and prevention and the organizations’ wellness benefits for employees (approx. 2 paragraphs in length).
    • Evaluates available data regarding the effectiveness of the company’s wellness efforts (1 – 2 paragraphs in length).
    • Create two recommendations for improvement of the current wellness program. State your rationale for making these recommendations (2 paragraphs in length).
    • Prepare two recommendations to increase employee participation for the upcoming year (2 paragraphs in length).

The Corporate Wellness Assignment (Parts A and B)

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