create an 8 to 10 slide powerpoint presentation describing your outer game and inner game…

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Assignment Content

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to apply research on motivation and satisfaction to the analysis of your individual behavior and working environment.

Assignment Steps

Create an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation describing your Outer Game and Inner Game. See Ch. 3 of Mastering Leadership to review these concepts.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • A detailed analysis of your current leadership role and work environment
  • The leadership process in your Outer Game
  • The leadership competencies in your Outer Game
  • The leadership consciousness in your Inner Game
  • Your detailed insights from this analysis. This section is critical – what did you learn from the analysis?
  • Describe in detail, two actions that you will take for leadership growth and development. Using the SMART approach is suggested for actionable and measurable actions. This section is critical – your actions need to include detail about what you will do to improve or enhance leadership growth and development. In addition, how will you know that your have improved or enhanced the leadership growth and development?
  • Detailed speaker notes on slides, supporting citations, and references


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