crjs 8540 week 9 assignment virtual city revitalizing masachapa project

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review Week 9 information in the Virtual City: Revitalizing Masachapa Project multimedia.
  • Consider the relationships between the Strategy Change Cycle and the strategic management system.

The Assignment (3–4 pages):

You are to develop a strategic management system for the town of Masachapa’s RMP, using one of the approaches provided in Chapter 10 of Bryson (2018). Your strategic management system should analyze key action guidelines relevant to the town of Masachapa’s strategic management system, providing at least two of each of the following:

  • General guidelines
  • Strategy maintenance guidelines
  • Strategy change guidelines
  • Strategy termination guidelines

Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. Use APA style for this and all assignments.

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