cryptocurrency bitcoin and the lightning network

A)Research the assigned topic to your team and write a 20-page report. Your report must contain abstract, introduction, body contents (subheadings), evaluation, conclusion, references. Report should be APA compliant (double-spaced, spelling, grammar, references & word formatting). Make sure to upload your report at the discussion section for the residency.

Note: Please Prepare power point

please follow the table of contents as mentioned below, we need the project with in 15 hours,

Table of contents


1.1What is bit Bitcoin

1.2 What is Lightning Network


2.1 Who developed it?

2.2 who prints it?

Bitcoin Functionality

3.1 Understanding Bitcoin

3.2 Generation of Bitcoin

3.3 Alternatives to Bitcoin



3.4 Pros and Cons of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Lightning Network

4.1 Where, when and why will it be used?

4.2 Blockchain Scalability

4.3 Network of Channels

4.4 Bidirectional Payment Channels

4.5 Unsigned Transaction

4.6 Commitment Transactions

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network: Three Possible Problems





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