current issues in nursing 4

Meet with your Learning Team in the assigned team discussion area to select and discuss one of the following topics, or another topic approved by your instructor:

1. Clinical uses for illicit substances (e.g., medical marijuana, MDMA for PTSD)


  • Take a position on the topic.
  • Find evidence to support your position.
  • Review your Learning Team members’ positions and evidence.
  • Comment on team members’ positions and evidence, agreeing with it or refuting it.
  • Explain why you agree or disagree with the stance and provide citations or evidence to support your opinion.


  • Write a 350-word summary of the discussion.
  • Post THE TEAM SUMMARY summary to the discussion area AND;Submit THE TEAM assignment to the assignment link. ONLY ONE MEMBER OF THE TEAM NEEDS TO SUBMIT THE ASSIGNMENT. The TEAM needs to agree on the assignment prior to submittal.
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