d3 module 3 discussion 1

In your initial post, please answer one of the following questions.

  1. Where, according to Russell, is the value of philosophy to be found?
  2. Why does Russell maintain that the “uncertainty of philosophy is more apparent than real”?
  3. What does Russell mean when he asserts that the value of philosophy is to be sought in its “very uncertainty”?
  4. According to Russell, what may be the chief value of philosophy?

In your peer-reviewed reply, please try to reply to a student who answered a different question than you did.

To get full credit for this post, you must:

  • address the prompt(s) fully (write a paragraph or two). Cite the text where appropriate;
  • respond meaningfully to one classmate’s posting (say something substantial – add to the discussion!) (your response should be a well-thought-out paragraph or two). Cite the text where appropriate; and
  • use standard English and grammar in all postings.
  • Title of Book and Edition: Powerful Ideas: An Introduction to Philosophy, 2nd editionAuthor(s): Schuh & Roca
    Publisher: Kendall Hunt

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