data science amp big data analysis 2


  • Share screen shot on your response
  • Share the code and the plots
  • Put your name and id number
  • Clear mark question number
  • Upload Word document
  • Insert Cover page Questions Attempted


Q1 Keras and the MNIST Dataset (Optional)

Summarize all the results for the MNIST Dataset –

Q2: Analyze the MNIST Dataset with Keras

Show screen shots to show installation Explain your results

Hint – use the following links

Install keras on anaconda –

Q3. Redo MNIST Dataset with CNN

Hint – use the following links

Q4 Use Tensorflow play to provide insights on how Tensorflow works –

•Tensor Flow Playground

Q5. Recommendation system with Tensorflow (Optional)

Go through the following tutorial to do the recommendation system with Tensorflow

Q6 Do the XGBoost Exercise on the Titanic dataset

Install XGBoost on anaconda –

hint on link –

Q7 Apply XGBoost to Churn Modelling (same dataset as for ANN from previous week’s exercise)

And compare results to the ANN algorithm

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