david and the wheel man submit assignment

Construct a SCULPTURE outline using characteristics and qualities taken from More Human than Human and the text, focusing on similarities and differences between Michelangelo’s David [THTTA 107] AND Study: Falling Man (Wheel Man) of Ernest Trova [THTTA 113]. Download the outline form H110DavidWheelmanOutline18.docx and begin work on the comparison of these two iconic sculptures. When you have completed your work, return to this assignment page and submit your outline through this page.

Consider materials; construction methods; design; size; aesthetics; spatial relationships; focus; purpose; and any other significant qualities you discover. In the DESCRIPTION and ANALYSIS, be as detailed and objective as possible, using the concepts and terminology from the text and the Sculptural Aesthetic Qualities outline to guide your observations. In your conclusions, feel free to EVALUATE the works in terms of your own personal taste or interest, and why these two sculptures stand the test of time.

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