descriptive statistics report and discussion 1

Write an individual report that provides descriptive statistics for one or two data sets of your choice. This assignment aims to provide an initial experience in preparing descriptive statistics and to develop at least one conclusion about the data.

Data can be obtained from a variety of sources such as (Links to an external site.), (Links to an external site.), UCI machine learning repository (Links to an external site.) and (Links to an external site.) among many others. You are welcome to find your own data sets. Please avoid confidential data that cannot be shared in class presentations.

“Note:- I chose for my discussion assignment”


  • While reports must be individually written, collaborative group discussion and software work is highly encouraged.
  • Pay attention to the guidelines for presentation and interpretation of descriptive statistics presented in the notes.
  • Present appropriate single- and multiple-variable numerical and graphical statistics for qualitative and quantitative variables.
  • Briefly motivate your choices.
  • The analysis and discussion of the business issues that may emerge from the data set(s) is optional.


  • 5 page hard limit, all included (all charts, tables and text)
  • 12pt Times New Roman
  • 1-inch margins
  • APA style references
  • No cover page, please
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