digesting ebp literature

Your assignment this week has two parts. Be sure to read each part carefully prior to completion.

Part 1: Digesting EBP literature

Now that you have read and understood what is considered EBP and how to evaluate the studies effectively, you will start by completing the digest scholarly sources chart (Appendix III) on the research articles you have found thus far (approximately 5-7), while systematically organizing your EBP materials of the literature.

Completing this chart is an excellent way to organize research and keep structured notes on the content and bibliographical information of each entry, which will be useful for Week 7.

Part 1: Chart Length: 5-7 research articles

Part 2: EBP Discussion

The second part of this assignment is to write a brief reflection paper on EBPs. Be sure to include the following to reflect the process of defining, assessing ethical principles, and critiquing and evaluating the efficacy of EBPs:

  • A definition of an EBP.
  • Appropriate questions and their elements used in choosing an EBP.
  • An explanation of an evidence continuum that you consider valid in working I/O.
  • Your own view of the pros and cons of the use of EBPs regarding I/O.
  • A summary that evaluates the concept of EBPs and how you propose to utilize this concept regarding I/O.

For this assignment, you do not need to include resources other than the ones identified in the assignment.

Part 2: Reflection Paper Length: 3-4 pages, not including title and reference pages

Total length for Part 1 and Part 2: 3-4 pages, not including title and reference pages

Length: 5-7 research articles

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