discussion 2352

Q.1 www.businessintelligence.com

Post the link to the story with the date (remember last six months). Describe the problem the organization was trying to solve and/or the opportunity they were trying to exploit. Explain how the BI solution assisted the organization with decision making. In your opinion, do you feel this solution would benefit other organizations in the same or other industries? Justify your response.

Respond to another student’s post and predict how this organization’s BI/DSS solution could be used to benefit one of the industries/companies listed below. Would it help solve a problem? Would it help exploit an opportunity? Would it improve any business processes? Would it improve sales, support, customer relations, etc.? Justify your response.

A social networking company (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc.).An Internet company (Amazon, Netflix, TripAdvisor, Google, Yahoo, Uber, etc.) Your workplace


“Decision Making” Please respond to the following: Chapter two discusses Simon’s four decision making phases. Complete all of the following and justify your responses: Which phase do you think organizations are most likely to skip or not adequately address? Explain why. List three questions every organization should be asking during this phase. Explain why your questions are important. Respond to comments on your own post and state if you agree or disagree with the commenter’s assessment. Back up your opinion with evidence.


Client Success Story – Toll Domestic Forwarding Data Solution

User: n/a – Added: 2/1/17 YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1oOQ3awMGo

Post the link to the video you watched. In your opinion, what business problems were they trying to solve and why was it important for them to solve these problems? Section 3.7 discusses potential issues businesses may encounter when implementing data warehouses. List three issues the business in your video might have encountered during their implementation. Explain how they might have avoided or mitigated these issues.

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