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Research online to find TV, radio, or online examples of broadcast media advertising. This could be something like an mp3 or transcript of a radio broadcast ad, a YouTube video of a TV commercial, or a website containing a banner advertisement. If you cannot find links for your examples, then you must fully describe the advertisement and the context for your classmates. Find at least one excellent and one flawed example to share in your initial post. For each, explain what you believe are the specific marketing objectives of the advertisements.

Then, evaluate the examples presented by your classmates. Cite specific examples of how each either does or does not effectively apply the principles learned in this module to meet the indicated objectives. Be sure to use specific evidence to defend your claims.

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This commercial I feel is a really good and funny. The first time it aired was in 2016 Super bowl commercial, it is the one with Kevin Hart advertising the new Genesis car finder. He is a little protective father which is a good thing. I think it would make anyone feel like they need to buy this.


The next commercial that I think is horrible is the Attorney Sparks commercial. I see this commercial every morning and I really dislike it. First off the woman acting in it is always saying BA-BAM that goes thru me. Then they discuss how much money you can get. I just really dislike this commercial, this commercial has been around since 2015 and I hate seeing it.


Joanne Bennett


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Above link is to a ad campaign for a laundry brand called Ariel, the ad campaign is called “Share the Load”. According to research company WARC this ad doubled the sales of the laundry brand (Handley, 2017). This ad was successful because of clever marketing objectives. This ad displays the hard work of women in India. According to Indian culture women do 99% of housework, including laundry. This ad shows a father looking how his daughter was managing office work, looking after husband, looking after her kid and doing house chores. Father realizes that men should also help women in house chores and ad ends “Why is laundry only a mother’s job?”. Due to culture in India, this ad was placed in the correct demographic, to bring awareness and 1.5 million men have pledged to help with house chores (Handley, 2017). Marketing objective of increase in sales was achieved, product awareness was increased by having 1.5 million men becoming aware of this ad and brand.

Du Pont

Print Ad for Du Pont Cellophane was trying to target market the families. Babies in the picture are attraction to the ad, cellophane is used to store food in families. This backfired because this ad also pointed out that cellophane in hands of kids can be dangerous and they can suffocate kids resulting in death. This brand did create a awareness to parents to be careful with cellophane specially if you have kids at home, this awareness did not improve the brand nor the profit.

Addison Absalom

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