discussion ch 26

For our discussion posts, we will look at a few chapters at a time. You will have FOUR questions to answer. Each answer should be 1-2 paragraphs (4-8Total). Paragraphs normally consist of 4-6 sentences. Initial posts are due by Wednesday at 11:59PM.

By Friday at noon, you are to respond with one paragraph (4-6 Sentences) to two people’s posts adding to what they said, respectfully disagreeing with them, and/or reflecting on what they said. The Discussion Questions are below:

This discussion post will focus on the Problem-Solution Format from Chapter 26. You will select a current law/policy in the United States or in your home state that you disagree with. With this policy you disagree with. You will talk about the problems with it and the need for change. Next, You will provide reasons and evidence of the problem and the cause of it. Third, you will tell us what the proposed solution would be and how it would work. Lastly, you will provide evidence for why your solution will work. You will use the format below (Also review Ch. 26 & PowerPoint Recording for more details). Also, more detailed instruction will be foud in each section.

Problem-cause-solution-feasibility pattern: Useful with claims of policy (Title)

Paragraph 1.Define problem or need

Paragraph 2.Provide reasons for problem

Paragraph 3.Explain how proposed solution is expected to work

Paragraph 4.Offer evidence of solution’s feasibility

Title: Claim of Policy. For example, “The U.S. Department of Justice should lengthen the maximum sentence for rape to life in prison.”

Paragraph 1: Define the problems with the current law/policy. Also, tell us why there is an urgent need to change the law/policy that is currently in place. Focus on the current problems, not future problems.

Paragraph 2: Provide reasons for the problem. This would be evidence (make sure to cite where it’s from) and the causes of the problem. This is the justification for needing to change the current law/policy.

Paragraph 3: Introduce your solution. This will most likely be similar to the title (Proposed Policy Change). Focus on how the new policy would work. You can end this by telling us a little bit on why this will work.

Paragraph 4: Emphasize why your solution (policy change) will work at minimizing and/or getting rid of the problems you brought up in paragraph one. Also, this is where you will have evidence on why the policy change will work.

You don’t have to have sources on References page, just copy/paste the URL’s at the bottom of your post. However, make sure to cite in your paragraphs when you use evidence.

CITATION IN PARAGRAPH FORMAT: According to Author’s last name (year written), “quote” or paraphrase (paragraph #).

EXAMPLE CITATION IN PARAGRAPH: According to Stier (2016), “Blair Walsh cursed Minnesota Viking kickers for the rest of eternity” (para. 3).

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