discussion flannery o connor s quot a good man is hard to find quot

After reading the story “A good man is hard to find ” answer one or more of the following questions.

Who is the villain in the story?

Who is the one religious person in the story?

Did the Misfit kill his father?

When does the Misfit make up his mind to kill the family?

Why does he call himself the Misfit?

What does the Misfit mean when he says “She would of been a good woman if it had been someone there to shoot her every minute of her life?”

From what point of view is it that the Misfit can be seen as the most important person the Grandmother has ever met and the one that offers her something that she has just about missed out on?

What is a “head doctor at the penitentiary”?

Although the Misfit himself does not know, what can we determine the prison psychiatrist meant when he talked to the Misfit about “killing his father”?

Which “father” was the Psychiatrist referring to?

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