discussion forum 5 csr reports

Download and skim the entire CRRA Report on the 2018 winners to familiarize yourself with how they decide which companies will win the award and some demographic statistics on all the reports:

For the two reports you choose to read in detail, summarize the following in your initial Discussion Post for each:

1. The criteria used to determine the award which that company won (will be found in CRRA Report).

2. A short background on the company who received the award for their report.

3. Three examples you found from their report that demonstrate that they deserved to receive the award.

4. If you found any evidence that they should NOT have received the award.

Your summary write-up for each company is worth 12 grading points, for clear writing and completely including all 4 elements above. Your post on each company will probably be at least two long paragraphs. You are only required to do one response post this week; in that post be sure to compare and contrast your student colleague’s initial post with one of the companies you choose to write about; your response post is worth 6 grading points.

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