discussion overview 5 independent situations

Presented below are five independent situations.

  • (a)Three physics professors at MIT have formed a business to improve the speed of information transfer over the Internet for stock exchange transactions. Each has contributed an equal amount of cash and knowledge to the venture. Although their approach looks promising, they are concerned about the legal liabilities that their business might confront.
  • (b)Bob Colt, a college student looking for summer employment, opened a bait shop in a small shed at a local marina.
  • (c)Alma Ortiz and Jaime Falco each owned separate shoe manufacturing businesses. They have decided to combine their businesses. They expect that within the coming year they will need significant funds to expand their operations.
  • (d)Alice, Donna, and Sam recently graduated with marketing degrees. They have been friends since childhood. They have decided to start a consulting business focused on marketing sporting goods over the Internet.
  • (e)Don Rolls has developed a low-cost GPS device that can be implanted into pets so that they can be easily located when lost. He would like to build a small manufacturing facility to make the devices and then sell them to veterinarians across the country. Don has no savings or personal assets. He wants to maintain control over the business.

For each situation, explain what form of organization the business is likely to take — sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. Give reasons for your choice.

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